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Eastern India’s Only Salesforce Reselling And Consulting Partner Consulting

Eastern India’s Only Salesforce Reselling And Consulting Partner Consulting

Eastern India’s Only Salesforce Reselling and Consulting Partner Consulting
Versatile Business Consulting

Our Aim Is to Help Implement Technology Solutions of Business Value Thereby Helping Our Clients Manage Change Through High-quality, Cost-effective, Roi Driven Solutions, Shares Ca M M Agrawal, Director, Csa Consultants Pvt Ltd

Since its inception in 1991, CSA Consultants Pvt Ltd has been providing world-class Enterprise Solutions apart from SME Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Taxation Services and Enterprise Solution Selection Consulting to a diversified range of businesses. “Right from beginning of my career after qualifying as Chartered Accountant, I had infor- mation technology as my base of our practice. Since 2005, I made it to the core of our organisation- CSA Consultants and never looked back. We feel that only through right implementation of technology, one can drive their organisation to the vision and goals they aspire for,” reveals CA M M Agrawal, Director, CSA Consultants Pvt Ltd.

The Shift

“Initially it started with computerisation which simply meant recording data on computers through word processors and spread sheet. Then came simple accounting softwares. This was followed by the wave of enterprises resource planning softwares. However, with the advent of cloud computing and availability of cloud platforms like Salesforce, now the digital age is all pervasive with most of the work being done through handhelds,” he states.

Navigator for MSME Business

“We call ourselves navigators of MSME businesses as we have solid foundation of financial knowledge, investment, and risk products and of course the enterprise solution products — all of which any growth businesses require to scale up. Our focus is on digital enablement of trading businesses,” claims Agrawal.

Going Digital

The touch less business model accelerated due to the pan- demic has helped the organizations understand the need of going digital within their workforce and also when interacting with their customers, vendors or even government. This trend is going to only pick further pace. “We were in Enterprise Resource Planning solution consulting for over a decade. We started our Salesforce Consulting practice right at the begin- ning of the pandemic. Since then, we are impressing upon our customers to include digital technologies as the core of their businesses. This has helped our customers to gain control of their business proactively with lesser effort. Recently, we have been appointed as the only cloud Reseller of Salesforce in Eastern India which is helping us to deliver end to end solutions to our customers as customers prefer single window relation- ships,” he states.

Evolving Sector

“As our country and particularly Eastern region is late adopters of new technology, we find that a big gap is emerging between models of tech led businesses and traditional business models. Most of the business IT investments were mainly around the financial and supply chain management in form of ERP. Such Transactional systems are not enough to drive growth . Businesses need to focus on CRM and CX solutions to gain and retain their market share,” he believes.

Providing Solutions

“We are now bringing cloud technologies and platform like Salesforce to the centre stage of our practice. Currently, we are recommending hybrid business solutions to our customers. We understand that no one size will fit all and therefore we tweak our prescription according to the nature and size of business and advise clients to start small and scale up,” he adds. Companies like Mallcom India, Jai Balaji Group, UAL Industries Ltd and Shrachi Group have all adopted such hybrid model successfully with Salesforce complementing their ERP systems.

Future Views

“Digital technologies are bringing business disruptions. In our local region, we are looking for being enabler of digital trans- formation of traditional businesses. We are holding our cus- tomer events around this theme and happy to partner with global leader like salesforce. Our goal is to make it available to every size of businesses and ensure delivery with assurance,” he points.

Words of Wisdom

“If you have to keep your business relevant and also pass it on to your next generation in good shape , then see the big picture emerging and how it’s causing disruption to your business plans. To stay ahead of the curve, become a disruptor yourself rather than wait for someone else to do it to you. To ensure this, you require to digitally transform your business with a solution equally good as Salesforce. We are holding awareness seminars regularly across Eastern India for this purpose,” shares Agrawal.

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